The number in China Pharmacopoeia: WS1-XG-009-2000

Snake Venom Source: Naja naja atra

Product description:

The active ingredient of Cobratide is a neurotoxin protein isolated and purified from Chinese Cobra (Naja naja atra) venom. It has a molecular weight of around 7KD. Cobratide has a very strong affinity with nAchR (nicotinic acetylcholine receptor), and interdicts the transmission of nerve impulse signal between neuromuscular junctions. It produces analgesic effect by affecting the metabolism of nicotinic acetylcholine in the brain, increases the content of enkephalin. Comparing to other pain-killers, cobratide has a distinguish property that it will not induce drug tolerance or drug dependence.

Main therapeutic applications:

- Chronic ache such as: chronic arthralgia, sciatica, neuropathic headache.
- Especially for terminal cancer ache (TCA).