Cobra venom factor (CVF)

Snake Venom Source: Cobra (Naja naja atra)

Research Aim: Reduce hyperacute rejection in organ transplantation operations.

Research Phase: Pre clinical

CVF has pI of 6.2 and molecular weight of 145.8kDa, which is composed of three subunits of M.W. 30kDa, 49.6kDa, and 66.2kDa.
Binding to cofactor in blood serum, activate C3, and activate complement system, convert complement to active complement, decrease complement level in blood serum, produce an anticomplement effect, and decrease immunological rejection of human body.
After activated complement system, CVF produces membrane attack complex. On the one hand, the membrane attack complex causes cytolysis, releases tissue factor(Ⅲ), consequently activate extrinsic coagulation system; On the other hand, CVF causes platelet aggregation, activates platelet and enhances coagulation.