The number in China Pharmacopoeia: WS-10001-(HD-0825)-2002

Snake Venom Source: Gloydius ussuriensis

Product description:

The active ingredient of Fibrinogenase is a fibrinogen-hydrolyzing enzyme which is isolated and purified from the snake venom of Gloydius ussuriensis in the Changbai Mountain China. It has a molecular weight of around 29KD from Gloydius ussuriensis. Fibrinolysin makes it easier to clear away the fibrinogen and fibrin from blood circulation by splitting off them into micro-molecule and dissolvable fragment. So, fibrinolysin has the property of dissolving the fibrin of blood clots.

Main therapeutic applications:

- Cerebral infarction.
- Blood with hypercoagulabale state.
- Thromboangiitis.